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lucy weasley - ( pink ).

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"o-oh, uh, hi albus. um, were you talking to me?"

"well, considering there’s no one else around, yes."

charlie longbottom fell in love with bridget moore the moment he saw her.

he would deny it later on, but deep down he knew he fell for her. and he fell hard. they were eleven. she was standing a few feet away from him on the platform, dusting off her trunk as her mother gave what looked to be a heartfelt goodbye speech. he was standing and talking with louis. he saw her, smiled at her, and the tiny girl raised and eyebrow at him. he continued to smile at her until she stormed over, demanded to know why he was looking at her like that and stormed away when his answer was simply “you look very nice today,” with his classic smirk.

"dude, just kiss her! what’s the worst thing that could happen?"


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"does anyone have cigarettes? ya know, the muggle things?"

"i don’t hate my father. it’s just that there’s always so much pressure on me."

"i think i’m just gonna buy every type of candy from hogsmeade and stuff my face with all of it."